Ashima Kumar has a powerful message!

Was there a pivotal moment that made you follow your path as an artist? 

I just liked colours and drawing when I was growing up. This automatically led me to being an artist.  

What is the process of making your work? 

I am working at a cutting edge of visual art and graphic art.I have developed a contemporary style where I create mixed media artworks using pen, ink and technology. The artworks are hand  illustrated and the background is created using computer mouse as the brush (where it is just a tool). 

Describe your work in two words. 

Dream. Doodle and Design

What is your favorite art movement? 

Post impressionism: Modern art movement

What is your least favorite art movement? 

Surrealism : modern art movement

How has your process changed over time?

Earlier I used to create traditional miniature paintings with realistic figures then moved to creating artworks with stylized figures with a blend of folk art and zentangle. Over time I started working with computer as a tool to blend with the hand illustrated mixed media artworks.

  What themes do you pursue? And what themes do you want to pursue in the future?

I derive themes from my surroundings and the topics that touch me the most. Example one series portraits on women unravel the enigma around the female energy and celebrates its essence in the purest form.

The lotus flower in my  painting titled 'Compassion', represents an awakening, spiritual growth, and enlightenment within. Like a lotus flower emerging clean from muddy water, representing a purity of speech, and mind. This thought continues to my painting series 'Walking for peace', where the buddhist monk walking on his path reminding us to be present in the here and and now. To be mindfull and live better.

Do you have any advice for young artists? 

Draw… draw….paint and paint

Could you talk about the training you receive for becoming an artist? Do you think the training exert a deep influence on your creative activities?

As a child I used to draw and convert complex realistic figures into stylized figures which we call as line drawings. 

I did a Bachelors in Fine arts with specialization in applied arts. That gave me insights into different styles, how to organize ones thoughts and translate them into an appealing art form which pleases the eyes. It has helped me to channelize my creative thoughts into visual language.

Do you think there is a close relationship between your living circumstance and your artworks? If so, how do you think the circumstance influence your works?

I create what I see around me and what touches me the most. I am specially touched by the situation of the women around me. 

How do you know when it is time to completely stop working on one artwork? Are you satisfied with your creation when you leave off it?

There is never a time when I feel I can completely stop working on the artwork. I just leave it when I have translated everything I have in my mind on the paper.

- Ashima Kumar -