Mystic Themes described by Dimitri Jelezky......

Was there a pivotal moment that made you follow your path as

an artist?

I came from an artist family, so it ́s in my blood.

What is the process of making your work?

I like to work with paper, mostly hand-made paper, ink and

acrylic colors are my favorite materials, I like to work also with


Describe your work in two words.

Pop-art combined with mystic themes, expression with stripes and


What is your favorite art movement?


What is your least favorite art movement?

Maybe Primitivism

How has your process changed over time?

The figurative has become most important in my work, on the

beginning I have worked more abstract

What themes do you pursue? And what themes do you want to

pursue in the future?

Female body, abstract/geometric shapes and catoon


Do you have any advice for young artists?

Study art history.

Could you talk about the training you receive for becoming an

artist? Do you think the training exert a deep influence on your

creative activities?

Classic training in art was a good discipline for my art education, but

it has not a deep influence on my future work style.

Do you think there is a close relationship between your living

circumstance and your artworks? If so, how do you think the

circumstance influence your works?

I wouldn ́t say that my art has a relationship with my living


How do you know when it is time to completely stop working

on one artwork? Are you satisfied with your creation when

you leave off it?

Better leave it unfinished than finished. The finishing process

is for me vague.