Chrys Roboras through her wondering figures......

1. Was there a pivotal moment that made you follow your path as an artist?

I believe when I was applying for exhibitions abroad that I was being accepted. For example the Biennial of Beijing and Scope Art Fair Miami. I just knew that my vision mattered and I wanted to share that with the art world.

2. What is the process of making your work?

There is a lot of thinking and looking at various images online and offline. I take many photos of many things that grab my attention and then make a combination of them before i paint. I usually start with an idea but along the way the painting completes itself. The things that happen along the way without the planning is what makes my work.

3. Describe your work in two words.

Emotional and contemplative.

4. What is your favorite art movement?


5. What is your least favorite art movement?


6. How has your process changed over time?

Overtime my work has changed in color. The concept has stayed the same with figures and landscapes but I present them in different color and textures of painting. I also explore portraits and work on paper.

7. What themes do you pursue? And what themes do you want to pursue in the future?

My theme is the based on identity, acceptance and belonging. My themes come from my life, things I see and experience. I am very interested in the portrait, what goes on in the human head and how to express various ideas around it.

8. Do you have any advice for young artists?

My advice is to research as much as possible what you are interested in. Really dig deep into why you are creating what you are creating and be true to yourself. I believe this way your art will be great.

9. Could you talk about the training you receive for becoming an artist? Do you think the training exert a deep influence on your creative activities?

Yes, i do believe that the training shapes you in certain ways. For me it was about finding what was true to me and expressing that through painting. The training helps you have a more professional approach to your artwork. Also you get the push to go out to the art world ready to show yourself.

10. Do you think there is a close relationship between your living circumstance and your artworks? If so, how do you think the circumstance influence your works?

Yes, definitely there is a relationship. The work is influenced by all surrounding factors good and bad. I have the ability to spend many hours in my studio. Painting is my full time job.

11. How do you know when it is time to completely stop working on one artwork? Are you satisfied with your creation when you leave off it?

If the painting is not working i just stop and start another canvas. I leave it and will either get back to it or paint over it. My paintings will usually go the way I feel them from the beginning and I know that I'm going in the right direction. Usually when I feel its done, I can look at it and feel

complete. Sometimes I might go back to them and add some details. I always let them sit for at least a few weeks before giving the final ok.

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