Mattia Paoli : 'Painting is an essential part of my life'

Was there a pivotal moment that made you follow your path as an artist?

Six years ago I was on a greek beach where there was a tractor. As the tractor went, it left behind these deep tracks in the sand. These contrast with the light and shadow of the tracks is the inspiration, I try to replicate in my work using wheels, tyres etc...

What is the process of making your work?

There are two steps: I select the right objects to achive the desired effect.

Describe your work in two words.

Daily life.

What is your favorite art movement?


What is your least favorite art movement?


How has your process changed over time?

In the past I had a preference to use more conventional techniques and materials. As I got older I started to use wider variety to expand my repertoire, for example: knitting the canvas with plastic wire, attaching wood and plastic pieces and mixing of paint and glue.

What themes do you pursue? And what themes do you want to

pursue in the future?

I aim to represent my life experiences in my artwork. I would like to travel and draw inspiration discovering new places.

Do you have any advice for young artists?

Yes, the advice to young artist would be to persevere and to always take the time to just stop look around and draw inspiration from small details of life.

Could you talk about the training you receive for becoming an artist? Do

you think the training exert a deep influence on your creative activities?

In my case I never had follow training to become an artist.
I have studied graphic subjects and I have masters in design which gave me a new outlook on art and new knowledge and understanding of the materials I use.

Do you think there is a close relationship between your living circumstance and your artworks? If so, how do you think the circumstance influence your works?

Of course your having circumstance can greatly impact what do you think, feel and perceive.

How do you know when it is time to completely stop working on one artwork? Are you satisfied with your creation when you leave off it?

In my artworks there was often a track that completes the composition with a linear sign. For me an artwork is finished when I realize my idea, when I reach a point where it resembles what I had in my head before starting.

Mattia Paoli