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Evangelos Vangelatos

Evangelos Vangelatos learned early on how the desires of others can lead one astray from their own path, and subsequently their own identity. A keen observer, Vangelatos noticed how joy can easily evaporate when set against the constraints of sacrificing self for Western ideals of who and what a person should be.  This realization led him to in 2001,  to set out on an esoteric trip, which involved several retreats and seminars in therapy and meditation in different places such as: India, Turkey, Italy, Great Britain and the USA where he was able to let go of the voices of society and his own feelings of the absence of fulfillment and joy – which has now brought him to the man and artist he is today. Vangelatos’ work now revolves around the unconscious and his curiosity about what he calls “a new world,” this new world allows him entrance to peacefulness – and ultimately joy.