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Praxis of Progress Solo Exhibition by Vassili Kavouridi

 Action is the wider door of redemption.

This alone can respond to the questions of the heart.'

Nikos Kazantzakis

Inspired by Kazantzakis' Ascetics, a work that illuminates man's quarreling attempt to find the meaning of his existence and interpret it, is seen through the work of artist Vassili Kavouridis, who creates a ritual that is celebrated through an artistic act with important visual constructions, where the shadows, the object and the image begin to negotiate between each other in a study of the case for the unknown. 

Attempting to transfer Kazantzakis' thought and speech to today's viewer by offering a unique journey that aims to create a "dialogue" with our own self: A suggestion for a deeper search for the world within us, our souls, our being and conscience leading towards the necessary sacrifice for fulfillment. 


Praxis Of Progress

the synergy between the Charitable Institute of the Municipality of Mykonos for the Environment, Education & Development, The Municipal Port of Mykonos and the Design Art Concepts.

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