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d | a | c invites artists to reflect on the subject of water, one of the four essential elements. Water is also a symbolic system which has nurtured philosophical and artistic traditions throughout the centuries. For our Art Basel Exhibition we ask the artist to consider, and explore its many and varied representations for our Art Basel, Miami themed and curated exhibition: The Water Between Us, December 3 -10, 2018.

We ask that you consider that water has often been a subject of works of art; from prehistoric times, humans have depicted water as a wavy line, a stylized image that was easily recognizable and comprehensible as means of attempting to understand what was unknown and uncontollable, yet today, depictions of water often represent a focus that is less external but internal. Water is also considered the universal symbol for change – it is forever flowing, and can take any course, which then can highlight the very uncertainty that is life. Water has also been a life force, an element that controls not only existence but also power, water also represents the unconscious, leading then its representations internal and interpreted by the viewer, thus reinforcing the ever changing quality of the symbol.

Submissions can be in any medium - from painting, mixed media and photography.


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