Save the Date!

R Design Studio in collaboration with d | a | c present the art exhibition titled “Narratives of a throwaway society” which is the first one - man show for Salvatore Baiano that will be presenting striking, dynamic but yet playful compositions .

Narratives of a Throwaway Society

an art exhibition

by artist Salvatore Baiano

Salvatore Baiano is best known for his successful career as a fashion photographer. Arrived in NY in 1982 from Naples, Italy to the challenges learning a new language which inspired the exploring and development of his own visual language, photography. However, branching away from photography Baiano’s work has taken to the exploration of multifaceted textures  articulating abstraction through sculpture by using organic materials that have either interacted in some way with the environment or with people.

Moving away from the traditional genres of painting and sculpture, Baiano is creating  three dimensional forms by assembling discarded objects and scrap materials on abandoned old furniture in order to create free standing installations. Sometimes he chooses to present the found objects without any modification but in a new setting , out of context.

Through his artwork is highlighting the wastefulness of our consumer society and sometimes many of his pieces evoke a mood of nostalgia.



Thursday April 18th, 2019 6:30pm


d | a | c Art Space, 360 NE 75th Street, Miami FL 33138